Curriculum vitae

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Personal Statement

Juuso is a DPhil student at University of Oxford. His research papers and theses consists of multi-access edge computing and total functional programming languages. He has a MSc in Advanced Systems Dependability from University of St Andrews, and seperately from Université of Lorraine, and BS in Information Processing Sciences from the University of Oulu.

Work Experience

  1. Certora

    Jul 2021 - Sep 2021 | Software Engineer | 🇮🇱 Tel Aviv, Israel

    Certora provides security analysis tools for Smart Contracts. Certora has unique technology called Certora Prover capable of checking at compile-time that all executions of a Smart Contract fulfill a set of security rules.

    I worked at Certora in between finishing my MSc and starting my DPhil. I worked on the Language Server Protocol implementation of Certora's prover language.

  2. INRIA

    Mar 2020 - Jul 2020 | Research Intern (RESIST) | 🇫🇷 Nancy, France

    Funded MSc thesis research on GPU accelerated network functions.

  3. University of Oulu

    1. Jul 2020 - Aug 2020 (on leave) | Doctoral Student (UBICOMP) | 🇫🇮 Oulu, Finland

      Research on multi-party edge computing and verification, distributed resource scheduling.

    2. Nov 2018 - Nov 2019 | Research Assistant (UBICOMP) | 🇫🇮 Oulu, Finland

      Research and development of open-source software radio access network architecture.

    3. Jun 2018 - Aug 2018 | Undergraduate Research Assistant (5GTN+) | 🇫🇮 Oulu, Finland

      Funded BSc thesis research on latency-optimized edge computing in 5G cellular networks.

  4. Ponkila

    Jul 2017 - Present | Software Contractor | 🌎 Global

    Wholly-owned by me, Ponkila is an LLC specializing in software contracting in Go. Client projects are not listed on this page.

    As notable merit, Ponkila was invited in May 2018 to on-site interviews of Y Combinator (acceptance rate 2%), over a developer tool project for reducing 5G network end-to-end latency.

  5. OneSignal

    Jun 2016 - Jan 2017 | Software Engineer Intern | 🇺🇸 Mountain View, United States of America

    OneSignal (Y Combinator S11) is a push notification delivery platform. During my time at OneSignal, I developed the OneSignal admin panel. Customers' feature requests and bug complaints were forwarded to me from which I designed and built new features and bugfixes.

  6. Memebox

    Feb 2016 - Jun 2016 | Software Engineer Intern | 🇺🇸 San Francisco, United States of America

    I relocated to San Francisco during my freshman year through an internship program called Startuplifers, which connects Finnish university students with startups for work. The program has an acceptance rate of about 10%. I am one of the youngest students accepted into the program.

    Memebox (Y Combinator W14) is an eCommerce startup for Asian beauty products. My responsibilities included contributing to their eCommerce platform written in Go and creating an admin dashboard to it from scratch. I was responsible for architecting, deployment and servicing of the admin dashboard and onboarding of a new intern to contribute to the project.

  7. Finnish Defence Forces

    Mar 2015 - Sep 2015 | Software Developer | 🇫🇮 Santahamina, Finland (EKOMJ)

    I served my mandatory military service as a programmer. I was one of three programmers accepted through technical interviews, to which 12 conscripts were invited from however many applied from 22'000.

    During my stay, I was part of an engineering team of five. Our team transitioned Defence Forces from paper to digital questionnaires. The software is nowadays used by conscripts and officers nationwide.

  8. Juuso Haavisto NY

    Jan 2013 - Dec 2014 | Software Contractor | 🇫🇮 Muhos, Finland

    At the age of 17, I started a sole proprietorship through school entrepreneurship program. Some of the software which I created included:

    • a software for buying prestigious Nike sneakers
    • a CMR for a local newspaper company
    • software which validated and matched 50'000 Finnish domains with company information

    Being an entrepreneur also taught how software engineering isn't all about programming, but about communicating to solve other people's problems.

    I later held two speeches about my experience. I was featured in local newspapers. At graduation, I received a scholarship for my entrepreneurial efforts.

Formal Education

  1. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 University of Oxford

    2021 - Present | Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

    Activities and Societies: Graduate Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Reuben College, 2021)

  2. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 University of St Andrews

    2020 - 2021 | Master of Science in Advanced Systems Dependability

    Module track: Software Engineering (distinction)

    Thesis: Static Semantics of Rank Polymorphism

  3. 🇫🇷 Université de Lorraine

    2019 - 2020 | Master of Science in Advanced Systems Dependability

    Module track: Formal Reasoning (merit)

    Thesis: Leveraging APL and SPIR-V languages to write network functions to be deployed on Vulkan compatible GPUs

    The work was extended in Unleashing GPUs for Network Function Virtualization: an open architecture based on Vulkan and Kubernetes (to appear)

  4. 🇫🇮 University of Oulu

    2015 - 2018 | Bachelor of Science in Information Processing Science

    Activities and Societies: Oulu Entrepreneurship Society

    Thesis: Latency-optimized edge computing in Fifth Generation (5G) cellular networks

    The work was extended in Open-source RANs in Practice: an Over-The-Air Deployment for 5G MEC


For a more complete list of my public work, see my Github.

  1. Stateless FCOS

    2021 - Present

    I homebrew container-based server infrastructure based on RAMdisks, PXE booting, and CoreOS. This is an experiment to see how emphemerality can easen server maintainability.

  2. Rivi Loader

    2020 - Present

    Rivi Loader is a Vulkan-based program loader for GPGPU applications. See also, which exposes WebGPU over WebRTC.

  3. roborock-svg-lasermap


    I created a project which generates SVG maps from stationary points using Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner. I also programmed a leg detection algorithm using the vacuum cleaner LIDAR sensor. These maps were then integrated to a custom-built translucent augmented reality tablet to control in-house IoT devices.

  4. Highlight Play


    I created an automatic Twitch highlighting software. The software was first run during The International 5 DotA 2 tournament. The highlights received over 100,000 YouTube views in a week. The software was piloted by the biggest eSports event organizer in the world, ESL.

  5. Vertigo


    Vertigo is a dynamic blog engine written in Go. It aims for idiomatic code and wide use of the standard library.

  6. Northern Nike Nabob


    I created software for buying prestigious Nike sneakers.

  7. ValueW


    My first web app appraised domains. At its best, it received over 20'000 unique monthly visitors.

Honors & Awards

  1. Medal for Dissertation

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Oct 2021 | University of St Andrews

    I received a medal for the best dissertation in my MSc program.

  2. Erasmus+ Scholarship

    🇪🇺 May 2019 | European Erasmus+ EMJMD Programme

    I received a full 2-year scholarship for my MSc studies in formal methods.

  3. Entrepreneurship Scholarship

    🇫🇮 Jun 2014 | Entrepreneurs of Muhos - Muhoksen Yrittäjät

    I received a scholarship for my efforts as an entrepreneur at graduation from my second-degree schooling.

Scientific Publications